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In response to a request for bands for the O'Brien House "12 Bands for 12 Steps" concert, Yasno formed in February 2008.  The band consisted of Alex "Russian Rocket" Federov (Guitar), Jim Pazdera (Bass), and Butch McKee (Drums).  They spent 6 weeks at "The Studio Upstairs" writing songs, recording, and rehearsing.  Alex had previously played lead guitar on some of Jim's earlier musical efforts.  Butch was new to Baton Rouge, previously playing in several bands in Huntsville, Alabama.  Throughout 2008, Yasno continued to write and rehearse and played a total of 3 shows.  In January 2009, Alex moved to Los Angeles, which led to the end of Yasno.   


Yasno recording the original tracks in "The Studio Upstairs" in Prairieville, Louisiana

Alex Federov - Guitar

Jim Pazdera - Bass

Butch McKee - Drums

Original Songs:

  • The Cat's Meow
  • Facefull
  • West Coast
  • Night
  • Alone
  • Blue House

You can hear the songs at:


Alex and Butch - Live at the LSU Amphitheatre - 4/19/2008


Alex and Jim - Live at the LSU Amphitheatre - 4/19/2008


Yasno - Live at the LSU Amphitheatre - 4/19/.2009

Alex's live rig!


Yasno - Live July 4th, 2008 at the Manchac Place Subdivision Party



             Yasno - Live - July 4, 2008                                                Yasno - Rehearsing at the Studio Upstairs

Yasno playing live at the LSU Amphitheatre - April 19, 2008              Yasno - Phil Brady's Bar - April 18, 2008 - "Night"